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How engaged are employees in your organization? Do they wake up every morning with a smile on their face, looking forward to meeting their colleagues and contributing to the purpose you set out to deliver upon? Do they feel they can influence the way things are done? Do they enjoy work to the fullest and sense they can excel and grow in an effortless way?

Our Leadership4Impact success formula enables leaders who struggle with employee motivation and performance to transform their organization into a sustainable high performance, greatly motivating place to work within a matter of months. That to me is an 'earthly paradise'.


Let's look at some facts

  • Only 15% of all employees worldwide, and 10% in Western Europe, are truly engaged in their work. They are 'highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace. They drive performance and innovation, and move the organization forward.'
  • Two-thirds of global employees, and 71% in Western Europe, are not engaged. As 'their engagement needs are not being fully met, they’re putting time — but not energy or passion — into their work.' 
  • A staggering 18% of employees worldwide, and 19% in Western Europe, are actively disengaged. 'Employees aren’t just unhappy at work. Every day, these workers potentially undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish'.

Source: Gallup, 'State of the Global Workplace', 2017


What's the state of your organization?

Do you know these numbers for your organization? Are you measuring the relationship between employee engagement and productivity? What are the costs of hours not worked due to absenteeism? How much can you gain in terms of additional growth and profitability by truly engaging your people? How hard is it for your organization to attract talent?

Most organizations are not able to answer one or more of these questions with facts. And that's a seriously missed opportunity. Businesses in the top quartile of engagement on average realize 20% higher sales, 21% higher profits, 41% lower absenteeism and up to 59% lower employee turnover as compared to those in the bottom quartile (source: Gallup, 2017). In the daily rush to serve the customers many organizations hold on to a leadership style of control. Tasks are deployed, targets are set, and leadership is pushing to make the numbers on an ongoing basis. A leadership style that hasn't changed much in its fundamentals since Adam Smith's industrial revolution of the 1850's. 

In our current digital era, where most jobs deliver services, the employee traits that really matter are their conceptual capabilities. Their creativity to fulfill customer requirements. Their eagerness to think out of the box and find smarter ways to get the job done. Their ability to see the bigger picture. Do you know what complaint I hear most often at the work floor in all kinds of organizations? 'I know exactly how to improve my work, but my manager won't even listen to me.'

Successful leadership starts with the deep realization that you are the real limiting factor to the growth, creativity and happiness of your people. 

Dare to look at yourself seriously. What really motivates you in your work? What is really important to you? What do you find most difficult? What is your dream for your organization? What would you like to change? 

You will find that the moment you reach out to your employees and ask these kind of questions to them, their answers are not significantly different from yours. They, too, have a passion for their work and a wealth of energy and creativity to share. But many a time their passion is held hostage by a perceived culture of control and command. As their energy does not find ways to blossom, these employees become indifferent, if not frustrated.

It is this passion, energy and creativity you want to unleash. As soon as your people feel you are really listening and interested in their opinion, the first important steps to changing the culture are made. What is the fastest, most effective way to establish a sustainable high performance and greatly motivating place to work?

Embark on your Leadership4Impact Transformation

Leadership4Impact is a 6-9 months in house transformation program that starts with you as a leader, and your management team. This 8-step formula is built on 3 unique anchors:

  1. A deep insight in the human experience made astonishingly practical. Why do we experience stress? How do we perceive our environment? What's the cause of our emotions? We will introduce you to a revolutionary, yet very simple, insight that answers all these questions. It will become evident that our tendency to control is based on a complete misconception of how the human mind really works. As a result, you will feel confident in exploring how you can empower people and co-create with them.
  2. The latest organizational psychology research directly applied to your organization. Self Determination Theory has uncovered that all human beings share the same basic needs: Autonomy - Can I influence the way I organize my work? Competence - Can I get really good at something and deliver value? and Relatedness - Am I part of a team that builds on each other? When fulfilled, these three needs provide people with a profound sense of purpose and happiness, which in turn boost their performance. We have developed a statistically validated survey, which will take only 15 minutes for your employees to answer at the start, in the middle and at the end of the program. Based on this assessment, we're able to navigate to the precise area's to work on and co-create the program details together with you.
  3. My 20+ years of experience in Transformation Leadership molded in a proven sequence of steps. I have been blessed with many opportunities to lead global organizations through an existential transformation. I have guided finance teams to become forward looking business partners, service groups to adopt full customer usage commitments, and supply chain organizations to implement a lean, customer pulled, process. I have led a worldwide sales re-organization program, touching 6,000 roles, to raise customer focus and sales growth, while reducing cost. From all these experiences I have distilled what works best, and in what sequence, which we have molded in this 8-step proven formula.

In this program we practice what we preach. Therefore, we start with an individual intake with all MT members, and our validated survey with all employees, to learn about their perspective. Based on these insights, we co-create the exact program details with you. The program consists of a number of in-class modules, including tools and assignments to directly apply on the job. We include extensive Executive coaching, team intervision and feedback sessions. At the end of the program we measure impact, both in terms of employee engagement as well as business performance metrics. Lastly, we organize an evaluation session with the entire MT.

We have also developed an Leadership4Impact Team Leader program, as well as an Leadership4Impact Employees program. These are logical next level deployments to solidly embed engaged leadership and ownership within the culture of the entire organization. For small-to-medium enterprises, we have captured all core steps in our Leadership4Impact SME program - which excludes topics around organizational layers and effective alignment across departments. 

How to get in contact with us?

We really want you, and your employees even more so, to experience the miracle of enjoying work to the fullest, while creating magnificent impact. So take the next step to explore what it would mean for your organization to embark on an Leadership4Impact Transformation. Kindly fill in the contact form to request a conversation, without any obligation. At the end of the meeting, we will agree on the next steps to take, if you decide to get on board. We will use Skype or Zoom for this conversation, or have a face-to-face meeting if our travel schedules allow.

We look forward to an impact-full Transformation!

Warmest regards, Paul