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the Spark of Transformation! 

Are you organizing a seminar or leadership event and looking for a speaker to ignite the spark of Transformation in your audience?

Would like your participants to be touched with an insight they will remember the rest of their careers and lives?

Do you want your people to see a glimpse of their true potential and come alive to their source of creativity?

Invite me to speak at your seminar or leadership event

I will enlighten your audience with a deep human insight. An insight about the way we experience our environment and each other. Why do we feel stress? Why are most of us always busy with limited impact? What makes it so hard to get people to sing from the same hymn sheet? How do we bring about true and lasting change? 

In a light and engaging performance, I will reveal a simple truth that most people are not aware of. Once they grasp it, they will approach work - and life in general - from a completely different angle. From a space of confidence, they will just know what to do to be an engaging leader. They will intuitively fulfill the basic psychological needs that every human being in the world shares -  the needs for autonomy, relatedness, competence and purpose. In doing so, they shape an organization built on trust, ownership and creativity which surpasses their customers' every expectation.

As a business executive, with over 20 years of experience in global transformation leadership, I have an ocean of experience to share. So whether your audience represents leaders in the private or public sector, in multinationals or small enterprises, in industrial or services organizations, you can rest assured I will seamlessly tune in to their wavelength.

How to contact me?

Are you ready to turn your leadership event into a groundbreaking gathering? Please contact me by using the contact form, without any obligation.In an introductory call (Skype or Zoom) we will tailor my message to the specific interest of your audience. At the end of this call you decide if you want me to give your event the spark of transformation. I will conduct my performance in English or Dutch as you wish.

I look forward to an impact-full leadership event!

Warmest regards, Paul